Top 10 Games We Would Love to See Next Generation

This is Kyle from 3-Bit, and I've been thinking about reboots a lot recently. As gamer's it's really hard to not look back at some of the past successful games (with nostalgia goggles equipped, of-course), wishing for a reboot, remake or remaster to happen. So this got me thinking, that I should put on my goggles and come up with my own list of games, that I would like to see re-booted for the next generation of consoles. So, with no further ado, read on below to see what I would like to see return to our gaming consoles in the next generation.



Driver was an incredible game that launched on the PlayStation 1 system, which had you playing as NYPD officer and former racing driver John Tanner, sent undercover by his boss to uncover the crimes of a criminal syndicate. The reason we would love to see this series rebooted is because Driver offered different gameplay to that of the rinse and repeat style, of most modern-day car games. You weren’t always forced to be racing at breakneck speeds, but instead you’d need to tail another car, to then be flicked straight into a full-on action chase/take-down sequence, followed then by a race against the clock to a specific point etc. This format went on as the game continued to tell its narrative to the players, to give the sense of progression. It feels like car games today are becoming clones of each-other, they’re either racers, fun arena style mini-games or GTA style violent driving games. We would love to see these old, over the top, Driver like formulas reappear in a more modernised format for the next generation consoles.



Croc is by far one of the most under-rated platformers of the PS1 era and it deserves to reboot with all the amazing technology of today. Generally speaking, Croc was a very hard game, but that mostly came, because of its control scheme. It played in a format that crossed Crashed Bandicoot and Mario together, pretty similar to Gex actually. But the game was seriously fun, it has great level design, a fun story, a likeable lead character and all together, it had all the right ingredients to make a great platformer all together. After seeing what happened with the Crash and Spyro Reboot, it highlighted a huge gap in the market for the style of these classic games being made by a large-scale dev. Suppose for now, we’ll just stick to being excited for the new Ratchet and Clank game.


Medal of Honour

Now, let me be clear here, Medal of Honour has already had a reboot in the last generation, and I do not mean to reboot the series like that. I want Medal of Honour to become our consistently “more accurate” historic era War game lead. I also want it to focus on its single player narrative, instead of online, telling a story similar to that of Gear of War or The Last of Us. When we played Medal of Honour: Frontline, honestly that was a game that kept giving. We had storming the beaches of Omaha, sneaking into a Nazi infested camp, as a spy, we had large scale battles… look it was amazing. Then the team hit back with Medal of Honour Rising Sun, where we were fighting in an entirely different setting, with equally as awesome moments, but this time coop with a friend was allowed. Medal of Honour was always at the front of war shooters because it focused on delivering a story and I feel this is what is missing in the current gaming market. We have games like CoD, Battlefield and Siege leading the front for online war, but all of them do that at the expense of a narrative driven story. It’s always full of clichés, and short. Let’s get Medal of Honour back, telling us the stories of historic wars, with more accuracy and excellent narrative.


Perfect Dark

Rare’s amazing FPS game, Perfect Dark was the only other FPS game that I’ve ever witnessed, that has rivalled their own infamous ‘Goldeneye’ on the N64. The series holds a huge space in people’s hearts, as it took what made Goldeneye great and grew on it. Perfect Dark was a spiritual successor, that didn’t have the challenges of licencing like Goldeneye did as a part of the James Bond franchise.

Although this game has had “additional” entries, but they have never quite hit the mark of the original. What I think they miss is what made Perfect Dark and Goldeneye such great titles, and that was its replay-ability. Each level was open to be done in the players choice. All it did was, set out a set number of objectives to achieve. But what made things even more so interesting was the difficulty settings. The harder the difficulty, the more objectives that would present themselves to you. But if you did manage to complete a mission on its hardest setting, then you would unlock a new “Feature”. Basically, bring back Perfect Dark, and copy and paste most mechanics back into the new entry.



Look lets be honest, we don’t get enough dinosaurs with laser eyes, and Gatling guns anymore. I mean what ever happened to arcade style shooters. I mean we have Doom and Wallenstein going back and achieving great success (Doom Eternal, I’m not looking at you), were have the other great arcade style, over the top shooters gone? Toruk was a special game, because It allowed you to grab a 6 barrelled RPG, and blow the ‘stuffing’ out of dinosaur foes. I mean Toruk never featured a specific story, or maybe I just missed it entirely… but it was definitely, 100% pure fun. I mean we have some games coming up, that feature dinosaurs and guns, especially with the game ‘Extinction’ around the corner for Xbox Series X, but its not an arcade over the top shooter like Toruk was. I want to say things like “Oh no, I accidentally just blew the Stegosaurus head off, I was aiming for the Raptor with the pump action shotgun arm. Damn”


Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver was probably one of the first times I had ever experienced a brutal storyline, which had me set out on the path of Revenge. So to be clear here, Legacy of Kain had 2 parallel stories running through it, about two brothers at ‘war’ with each other. In this article I’m just talking about re-telling Raziel’s story from Soul Reaver, because I always felt dirty playing as his evil brother Kain, in Blood Omen. Now that’s out of the way, lets talk about why Soul Reaver.

Soul Reaver has, in my opinion, such a strong story, that would just be amazing told with modern capabilities. Because of the PS1 and 2 limited software, it always felt like Raziel never used his true soul sucking potential. In todays, climate we could see him, using his clawed hands to climb up high obstacles, we could see a very similar style of story telling and gameplay that was introduced in the new God of War in-fact. For those who have played this epic title, you know exactly what I mean. I mean, the original game has Amy Hennig behind it, you know the creative director of Uncharted and Jak and Dexter. Ahh, it is so upsetting that we haven’t seen the rebirth of this epic series.


Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia is a very old game with a lot of history, although I believe that it truly started it’s success when The Sands of Time was released on PC, PS2, Xbox and Gamecube. It delivered something that people had not seen before, which was the excellent use of “free-running” to navigate the arena Ubisoft pitted you in. The problem with Prince of Persia was due to Ubisoft becoming too hung up on the story arch and game-play style of that era, they never took the series much further than it started, therefore unfortunately not being as popular as it once was.

I feel like now is the time to re-start the prince’s epic journey, and retell an entirely new story, and NO! not like the terrible cel-shaded entry before. It’s been a long time since we’ve had time to play as the prince, and now is the time to bring in a new generation of gamers into the story, via a full reboot. I mean keep the themes of Sands of Time, to help old fans associate to it, but find a new story to tell, and take game-play to another level. Take some of the elements that we see in Assassins Creed style free-running, mix it up with what we did in the Sands of Time, and together you could easily create some of the best linear chase sequences. I just believe that its time that the prince returns, without being too much caught up on his past, and we get to experience a whole new Prince of Persia story in a whole new way.



I mean with the success of Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro, how could we not want this reboot. With the rights to the game, seemingly, being owned by FromSoftware and seeing how good Sekiro was, this could be a match made in heaven. Tenchu was always a fan favourite because it allowed fans to actually feel like a Shinobi Ninja. It allowed you to slowly and methodically navigate its arenas to bring down a foe, and how stealthy you were depended on the outcome that you achieved. With all the power that is available today and the excellent developer resources out there, I think Tenchu made now could be a masterpiece.

I believe that the game would do better to be re-booted though, as I think developers could find a clearer way to tell the epic story that Tenchu told. It was rich with lore, although it required fans of the series to really work hard to understand it. I think in modern day, with current story telling capabilities, Tenchu’s story could be re-told, enriched and enhanced entirely.


Knights of the Old Republic

Knight of the Old Republic is BioWares best game, easy. Now the Mass Effect series (minus Andromeda) were incredible, but they just never delivered quite as much as Knights of the Old Republic did for me. Due to using Star Wars lore, the game had so many options to take when telling it’s amazing story and when choosing to be a Sith or a Jedi, you truly felt like your choices made a distinct difference.

It feels like now is the perfect time for Knights of the Old Republic to rear its head again, as it’s been a long time since we have had a really strong BioWare entry grace our consoles and with modern tech, imagine what they could do now, with the options. We could have our own spaceship that we navigate across the galaxy, much similar to that of Mass Effect 2, much better Force Powers and sooo much more. I could sit here for hours typing up the reason this epic series should be reboot, but anyone who was a fan of this series, already knows everything I could say.


Silent Hill

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a huge fan of Horrors. I especially love a horror where I feel that the odds are entirely stacked against me. It lures me with false hope that I can fight back, but to only have those options ripped away from me, when confronting my fears. P.T. was the only horror game that I’ve played recently that genuinely made me feel uncomfortable, even after playing it. The last game prior to P.T. to do that, was Silent Hill (PS1). The game always took uncomfortable topics and pitted them against you. In the first game it would be things like navigating through an infested nursery of passed children, haunted by the excellent ambience of the creak of floorboards, as you walked through to the crying screams of apparent victims. Then when P.T. came along, again its power was in its ambience and themes. It told you an evil story of a man gone insane, as you step through the unpredictable, never ending cycle of a single corridor, drowned in different terrifying tones, which increasingly got worse as you progressed, pitted against an enemy you had no way of stopping.

We have other great horror entries, and the closest one to ever rival Silent Hill was Resident Evil. Now, both series had fallen off the beaten path in the last generation but including P.T. both found their feet again in this generation and that’s because both games are cut from the same cloth, but in a different way. Resident Evil has you fighting your way through the perils of infection and plague. You are required to fight, and the enemy is mostly visible. Silent Hill requires you to explore a supernatural world beyond life. You can’t always see your enemy; therefore you can’t always fight it. Silent Hill is more about surviving then it is, about fighting. To see both titles back up and running along side their roots, would just be incredible for both a new generation of gamers, and the old.

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